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    The world is a beautiful place. Whether writing about neurobiology, leading vocal music workshops, or broadcasting short plays on public radio, I'm continually in awe of the connections that tie together seemingly disparate disciplines. We need these bridges more than ever, and that's where I want to be.

    Although originally planning to study medicine, I discovered that Shakespeare and Virginia Woolf have healing properties of their own, and graduated with a degree in literature with a concentration in nonfiction writing. I've climbed the tallest sand dune in Morocco, danced the part of Charlotte Brontë, and circumnavigated the globe with the all-female vocal group Whim ’n Rhythm.


    My writing has won numerous prizes, including the Theron Rockwell Field Prize for “a work of spiritual or literary scholarship.” Most recently, my essay Four Wombs won first prize in the Norman Mailer National College Writing Awards, in conjunction with the National Council for Teachers of English.

  • Education

    Yale University

    B.A. English, magna cum laude | Class of 2016

    Yale's culture of collaboration and support for the arts excited me from the start -- it's a place where the attitude is "word hard; play hard." In my academic life, I focused on literature, political science and religious studies, culminating in my academic thesis on imperialism in the works Charlotte Brontë wrote as a young child. I was accepted into the Writing Concentration, a competitive subdivision of the English department, and wrote an additional thesis in creative nonfiction with Anne Fadiman as my adviser. This piece, Four Wombs, received the Theron Rockwell Field Prize, which is typically awarded to graduate students.


    Outside of the classroom, I was deeply involved in the Yale arts community. As a singer and conductor of Redhot & Blue, I toured Spain, Denmark and Japan during each consecutive summers. I acted in 13 campus theater productions, six of which were world premieres. I wrote and edited for the Yale Daily News Magazine and These Fifty States, directed The Control Group, Yale's only experimental theater ensemble. My play "Desert" was workshopped at the Yale Playwrights Festival in 2016.

  • Awards & honors

    Theron Rockwell Field Prize | Yale

    The Field Prize is given for “a poetic, literary, or religious work” of scholarship at Yale. The award was established in 1957, and is typically awarded to graduate dissertations.

    Norman Mailer National Writing Award | First Prize

    My extended essay "Four Wombs" was the first-prize winner nationwide for the awards given in memory of writer Norman Mailer in conjunction with the National Council for Teachers of English.

    John Hersey Prize for a Longer Work of Journalism | Yale

    This award is given to writers whose work "reflect[s] the spirit and ideals of John Hersey: engagement with moral and social issues, responsible reportage, and craftsmanship."

    Kingsley Postgraduate Grant | Kingsley Trust Association

    As a senior, I won a year-long grant to pursue research for a long-form fiction project focused on new technologies, relationships and the ethics of sustainable development.

  • experience

    As a recent college graduate, I'm exploring everything from science diplomacy to arts education. There are so many ways we can make the world a more compassionate and more inclusive placewhy choose one?

    Playing On Air

    Literary Manager | Oct 2016 - present

    It's a fact: live theater is expensive. At Playing On Air, our mission is to share the work of award-winning contemporary playwrights and actors with as many people as possible, for free.


    Our radio show reaches 6.5 million listeners across the U.S., and our podcast has grown exponentially since its release in 2015. Playwright David Ives has called our program "the kind of show that should be multiplied by ten – it’s fun, it’s intelligent, and reminds us how glorious radio can be."


    As literary manager, I work closely with our artistic director to read submissions, contact playwrights, and workshop pieces for our upcoming seasons. I'm also in charge of our development efforts, writing major grants and collaborating with the marketing team to add new radio stations and grow our audience.

    American Association for the Advancement of Science

    Science & Diplomacy Intern, Office of International and Security Affairs | Jan 2017 - June 2017

    As an integral member of the Science Diplomacy team, I produced and scripted the first-ever science diplomacy online course, to be released June 2017. I interfaced with authors and foreign diplomats, solicited articles, and served as acting editorial manager for Science & Diplomacy, the quarterly publication from the AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy.

    I also led communications and marketing for Science Diplomacy 2017, an annual conference with over 250 registrants, and spearheaded a new Medium.com blog to promote science diplomacy education.

    Whim 'n Rhythm

    Musical Director | May 2015-July 2016

    In addition to performing as Yale's most prestigious all-female vocal ensemble, Whim 'n Rhythm travels internationally working to empower young women through music. We sang on five continents, in venues that ranged from Thai orphanages to the North American Baha'i Temple to a fundraiser for Secretary Hillary Clinton.


    As director, I selected and arranged repertoire, produced a full-length album, and conducted concerts at embassies, local health centers, orphanages and international schools. Motivating and directing groups of young people was a huge privilege and tons of fun. At the end of one session, I ended up "knighting" a student with my tuning fork!


    Over the course of my tenure, I worked with hundreds of students as part of Whim's 8-week world tour during summer 2016. The entire experience only reinforced my belief that music and the arts are a global language that transcends borders.

    Yale College Writing Center

    Writing Partner | 2013 - 2016

    After my freshman year, I was nominated to join the selective team of writing tutors at the renowned Yale College Writing Center. As a writing partner, I worked with fellow undergraduates at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming through proofreading. I completed ESL training, which allowed me to work one-on-one with international students. Building relationships with my students, whether during a drop-in session or an ESL tutoring partnership, was one of the highlights of my writing career at Yale.

    The Cape Cod Theatre Project

    Playwriting Intern | 2014

    The Cape Cod Theatre Project, under the artistic directorship of Hal Brooks, produces four full-length play readings each summer, bringing actors and directors from New York. Many of its productions go on to be produced on Broadway. I assisted in workshop sessions, ran social media, managed ticketing, tracked donations and redesigned publicity materials.


    Throughout, I received valuable mentorship in playwriting from the resident playwrights and directors, including Alena Smith (The Newsroom), Stella Powell-Jones (The Mystery of Love and Sex) and Liz Carlson (Naked Angels NYC). After Hamish Linklater (Shakespeare in the Park, The Newsroom) wrote a new character into his script, I was the first intern ever featured as an actor in one of CCTP's professional readings.

    Markus Wiener Publishers

    Web Editor | 2012

    Markus Wiener brought me in to help with an overhaul of the publisher's website. With a web designer colleague, I restructured the webpage and oversaw the migration to the new page. Our priority was refreshing the website's look while also designing a site that would be intuitive for non-technical senior managers to edit on their own. I gained useful web development experience and exposure to the content and editing styles of an independent academic press.

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